Can we stop the grumpypants?

Fact: there are some real grumpy buggers out there and they need to cheer the fluffing heck up and smile ffs!

Like the man who shouted at me on the train ‘you’re sitting in my seat’, to which I replied ‘I’ll happily move if you ask nicely and give me a smile.’ Curiously, he did not smile in the slightest at my comment.

And the woman who thought I might, God forbid, take her place at the deli counter. ‘No need to grumble,’ say  I. ‘I wouldn’t dream of taking your place in the queue cos that would be rude.’ And I smile at her and she looks ashamed. And rightly so, Grumpy-draws!

Or the other woman who tutted at some children in a shop who were laughing at a magazine. ‘I think they’re just having fun,” I said. ‘Children’s laughter should be a thing of joy, not something to wrinkle [your already v wrinkled] brow about.’ (Note, I didn’t actually say that bit in brackets cos that would be totally grumpy and rude!)

For Gawd’s sake, how grumpy? Can’t we approach life with some humour and a heart and a head open to the good stuff?!

So this is a site dedicated to a) sharing incredulous stories of people’s utter grumpiness and rudenessand how we tried to make them smile with our positivity, and b) stories of good, kind deeds that may inspire people to be better behaved and kinder and happier and just smile ffs and c) just happy thoughts and wotnot to cleanse our bodies, souls and minds of the all the negative, grumpy claptrap that can take over this world and our precious lives and eat us up inside.

We all know that others’ lives aren’t always great, so let’s show them how to find the joy by being kind, happy and sharing a smile. It might just cheer them up! This is our mission! Enjoyment and spreading that ability to smile, cos we’re all capable of it! And it’s good for you!

On this blog we want laughter and smiles, tears of joy and laughing out loud, and totally positive happy feelings and thoughts. Think I’m being a hippie? Ah, stop being so grumpy, Mr Critical Grumpypants, and try looking for some positive in all this instead banging on with your criticism!

Perhaps you think I am criticizing some people’s predilection to grumpiness and therefore I am a hypocrite? I leave you with this thought then:

Positive Thinking Quotes1

Who’s with me?! Write to me at and share your happy vibes!

And let’s tweet our call to action with #smileffs! @ukhousewifeusa

Bring it on!

4 thoughts on “Can we stop the grumpypants?

  1. Here in Vienna (Austria) grumpiness is an art form, perfected by those over the age of 60 and displayed as often as Dirndls and Lederhosen. The elderly here feel entitled to everything, from parking in the spaces reserved for expectant mothers, to cutting in front of others at the grocery/bank/anywhere, “just because;” to shouting at young people on the trains, “Die Jugend, Ausfahrt!” (“Youth, go away!”); to even banning children from the (fabulously green) courtyards of their subsidized housing complex. The grumpiness is so common that it’s actually entertaining. 🙂


  2. I feel your pain. Is it our weather or just the culture? It’s almost as if people need a few pints before they are decent. However, and if you haven’t noticed they drink way too many pints & they become so obnoxious.


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